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Ever since I got Bobbi Browns Makeup Manual gifted for my 13th birthday I was determined to pursue a career in Beauty. That might sound early, but hairstyling and make-up have fascinated me from the age of 8 when I had saved up enough money for my styling doll head – sounds like a cliché but (un)fortunately true ;-).


What that doll head for sure didn’t have, is natural beauty. I am very happy, I could follow my aspirations. Not only was I able to exchange my doll for the best canvas: people. Furthermore, I received the opportunity to work for THE brand which has inspired me by far the most.

For me, being a make-up & hair artist is such a versatile and satisfying job. Whether it is accentuating the naturally beautiful features every wo(man) has to offer or letting the joint creativity loose and delivering results we can truly call art -  I would be happy if you take me on a journey to realize the styling of your dreams or creating a powerful event/project.

                                                 Yours sincerely,    


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